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Why Building Website Authority is the Foundation of Lasting Success Online

Written by: Troy Broussard, Guest Author
Anyone involved in Internet Marketing, whether as an affiliate, small business, sizable corporation, or personal brand, knows that nearly every day there is someone trying to give you more tips or tricks to bringing in additional profits online. There are so many potential routes you could take to achieving success online that it’s easy to get lost and start wondering where the smoke and mirrors end and the real path to success begins. The truth is, all the marketing tactics in the world don’t hold a candle to pursuing the one goal that should matter the most for any site: becoming an authority.
You see, effective tactics for marketing come and go. The kind of advertisements that may bring in hordes of visitors to a site today may be totally ineffective a year or two down the road. With the way that Google has been on the rampage with furry little black critters like Panda and Penguin, they can go “quickly” – very quickly.
The source of traffic to your site that is #1 today may end up being last year’s fad. The JV partner that brought you so many visitors might go out of business or prove to be a one hit wonder. The only thing that really matters, the only thing you can unequivocally say is going to be worth investing in now because its value will not diminish over time, is building an authority website with a diverse traffic model that doesn’t rely on a single “tactic de jour.”
That’s a bold statement, and we as Internet Marketers hear those all the time, but I want to go further than that today. I want to show you precisely why authority websites are what matter online today and will continue to matter in the future. Once you understand where the value is, you will see that this is indeed the very foundation of your business’ enduring success online. I’ll also give you some quick and easy tips to help establish and increase your authority, so keep reading.

Trust is the Core Benefit of Website Authority

So you want your website or even your brand to become a gold standard? That’s a great goal, but before that can become a reality, your site needs to become an authority. The key to developing authority is developing trust. We tend to trust those who are consistent because they appear stable and reliable to us.
This means that you need to be producing high quality content on a consistent basis, reaffirming to your audience that you are the source of the best information on your given niche. The best route for this, of course, is a WordPress blog. If you can do this without slowing down to chase other marketing “butterflies” that come along from time to time, you will have a site that is a repository of killer content your audience can’t find elsewhere.
Focus on bringing your readers eye-opening content that educates them, or deliver entertaining content that makes them feel good. Figure out what they want and deliver it. Then keep delivering it on a regular schedule they can depend on. This is the basic recipe for gaining trust, and once your site has gained the trust of enough people, and they begin to talk about the content your site contains, your authority becomes obvious not just to human readers, but to the search engines as well.

But why go through all of this effort? Isn’t it a lot of work?

That’s really the “pink elephant” in the room. Everyone has this misconception that building an authority site is “hard” or that it is “a lot of work.” But the fact is that that is just a myth. It’s far easier to focus on building a reputable authority site that promotes 100’s of products than it is to create, maintain and promote 100 sites each promoting one product.
Most people will go down a mini-site model path for six months to a year before realizing that the return on investment (especially time) is just not there or the consistency of income is too volatile. But how much further along your career path will you be if you stop chasing the “pot of gold” at the end of the mini-site model today and instead focus on quality and authority?
Now all of that content that we’ve talked about? All of the trust and rapport building with your readers? Why bother, you ask? Simple – it all translates into sales. In fact, it is the key to highly effective marketing. You see, the “holy grail” of marketing is to be so effective as to not even require selling.
If your marketing is top notch, selling is like taking candy from a baby. But if you take your marketing lessons from the used car salesman on the corner lot and “sell, sell, sell” – you’ll probably sell your way right out of business.
Effective content marketing creates a quality authority site that oozes trust, rapport and loyal readers. You can then very subtly drop links and reviews into your content as well as provide “resources” and “recommendations” — all with a very “soft sell” — and watch your conversion rates triple.
We all love to buy – we’re all consumers at heart. But the funny thing is that NONE OF US likes to be sold to! Think about that for a bit, and think about how you can use your content marketing strategies to inform, educate and build authority with your users – the sales will come naturally as a byproduct.

Conserve Your Energy & Increase Marketing Potency

In our business, we regularly watch people struggle and even fail. Often, if they listen to our advice and allow us to help them, we turn things around. Other times, unfortunately, they outright tank. The biggest reason for online ventures failing that we see repeated over and over again is that people simply overextend their resources.
They follow the false assumption that more information and more marketing is what they need, so they continue to chase shiny object after shiny object. They work like crazy to expand the reach of their site by any means necessary, but often they do not improve its content. They want to get as many SEO links as they can, for example, but what are they linking to? A lot of the time, the site they have spent so much time and energy promoting is simply not very noteworthy and that makes all that time, money and effort they put into the site a waste.
When you choose to focus instead on making your site an authority, you can dispense with so many different marketing methods. Yes, diversity matters, but your core business is in your site and the content it puts out, not in discovering temporary ways to bring in floods of traffic who bounce right off your landing page or who spend under a minute looking at your site’s content, never to return again.
You want readers to arrive at your site and feel as if they’ve discovered something special. You want them to buy something or bookmark the page and maybe even tell a friend or two about what a great site they found. Save your energy and focus on making brilliant content, even if that means you don’t produce it that often or that you spend more having a professional create the best possible content your company can afford.

Your Content Becomes Prone to Viral Distribution

When clients tune into our message and begin to focus on getting the kind of content that their visitors trust and gain real value from, incredible things have been known to happen. The fact is, great articles get read over and over again, the same way great videos get watched repeatedly. Remember that when you begin to focus on website authority, your primary competition is yourself.
Everyone knows the power of great content. It’s the song you set to repeat on your MP3 player. It’s that book you’ve read several times, or that movie you’ve seen more times than you like to admit. Follow your instincts and don’t settle for content that you know isn’t the best it could be. Make it invaluable to your audience and they will spread it for you. Your readers will become your marketing and sales force – now that’s powerful.
Keep in mind that people will pass on things that are excellent. Why? Because they want the credit for having ‘discovered’ it and when they share it, they get the social approval they’re looking for. The best content goes viral without you needing to spend a fortune on marketing, especially if you can convince someone else with authority to publicly mention the content your site contains.

Customer Retention Rates Will Soar

The bread and butter of any business is repeat customers. Developing an authority site is all about building a regular audience that comes back for more. This is how you start to carve out a niche that only your business can inhabit. It’s how your brand becomes a gold standard online because those regular customers buy enough to let you know how much you can afford to spend making your site and its products even better.
This is what you want to strive for, because the larger your audience is, the more respectable you look to those who are not yet in your audience. Sounds a lot like a large, regular audience denotes authority, then, doesn’t it? That’s exactly right, and this will have been your goal the entire time.

The Authority Model is a Universal Solution

The best thing is that this model applies to every form of monetization that exists. Whether you’re building an Adsense site, an info product review site, an Amazon review site, a professional services or consulting site – the AUTHORITY MODEL works for all of them.
Imagine the stress that will melt away once you know the approximate size of your customer base and know that you understand how to give them what they want. This is when being in business becomes really rewarding, and it’s well worth the time and effort it takes to achieve this level of success. The fact is, when you concentrate your efforts into this authority site, rather than scattering it across 100 trivial sites, your effort is reduced and your results are magnified.

Some Quick Tips for Building More Authority

  1. Get a YouTube channel. Create a weekly video to publish in that channel. Make sure to embed that video on your site as well. It’s no surprise that Google loves YouTube (they do own it after all) and sites that use video on their site gain authority much quicker than those that don’t. Also, your channel becomes an authority itself and gains PageRank fairly quickly so those videos embedded into your site boost up the authority of your site as well.
  2. Get to 100 and beyond. Get 100 posts published on your site and make them good posts of great quality and unique content of 700 words or more. Many of our posts are over 2500 words of unique quality content. The more content, the more long tail keyword traffic you will attract and the quicker you will build your authority.
  3. Consistent and frequent posting. You need to be posting at least two or three times a week in order to not only build up your site content and footprint within Google, but also to show that you are relevant. If you have trouble finding what to post about, use Google Alerts to help you out.

Some Final Thoughts

To say that establishing your website as an authority is easy or fast would be misleading. Instead, what I want to make sure is 100% clear to you is that establishing an authority website is worth doing and worth doing well. In fact, it is not any harder than spinning your wheels building mini-site after mini-site that Google hates anyway. There is no way to feel more secure in business and take real pride from what you do than to be a trusted authority who provides others with value. This is something anyone can do if they commit to following through on the information laid out in this article.
Go ahead, start taking your first steps. You’ll experience the difference right away.
About the Author
Troy Broussard is a highly successful marketer, speaker and SEO specialist who has the unique ability to drive large profits off of minuscule lists – like his 7 figure business that was created off of a list of less than 2700 subscribers. He is also the creator of Building Authority Sites and a frequent speaker at events such as Ryan Lee’s To keep in touch with Troy, check out his blog at

How Affiliates Can Make More Sales with Tangibility

Written by: Simon Slade, guest author
Affiliate marketing is basically a lifestyle dream. As an affiliate, you can be your own boss and set your own hours, which is what attracts many people to chase those big pay checks. However, it’s not always as easy to make money as you might think. Peel back the veneer of over-hyped training products and you’ll soon learn the gritty truth of affiliate marketing. If you are still trying to sell pure ‘info’ products, such as eBooks or reports, then you are leaving a whole load of money on the table. This is because you are missing out on what I like to call the ‘tangibility’ factor.. allow me to explain.
Tangibility, put simply, is selling a product or service where your customer gets more than just information. Normally people think of something tangible as having a physical presence, but you can apply the term when it comes to digital products (albeit in a slightly altered sense). Still confused? Allow me to explain further.
If I sell a weight loss eBook, that isn’t tangible. It’s nothing more than information, which is probably readily available online. However, if I combine that same weight loss eBook with an awesome motivational or weight loss management software, I’ve just added tangibility. When it comes to digital products tangibility is providing more than pure information.
As an affiliate marketer, you should consider promoting digital products that have a higher degree of tangibility. This is because these products are more likely to convert, and arouse less ‘product suspicion’ in customers who aren’t already familiar with buying digital info products.
For example, the ClickBank marketplace is jam-packed with software (both web and desktop) products you can promote. Instead of customers receiving a simple PDF or eBook, they actually get something tangible, which they can then install on their computer or access via the web.
In fact, many of the best affiliate programs are pure informational products and their products are of a very high quality. However, if you are struggling to get ahead of the competition, then I strongly urge you to look for the kind of products that offer you a little bit of an “edge” and something that can be of more value, both perceived and actual, to the customer.
Remember that any potential customer will look at your pre-sell (or the product sales page) and ask the following question: What’s in it for me?
If you are able to offer something beyond mere information, then you could very well see higher conversions and bigger pay checks! So what sort of digital products offer a high degree of tangibility?
  • Software programs or web applications
  • Video training courses
  • WordPress plugins or themes
You should get the general picture by now.
By thinking outside the square and looking for products with a higher degree of tangibility, you will be able to unlock niches that are hungry for what you’re selling – without facing excessive competition.
About the Author
 is the CEO of Affilorama, an affiliate marketing training portal that offers free video training, education, and internet marketing tools to both beginning and advanced affiliate marketers. If you want to promote a hot product with plenty of tangibility, then you may want to consider becoming an AffiloTheme affiliate. This exciting new WordPress affiliate theme has been designed to replicate the same sites we use for our affiliate businesses.

4 Simple Ways to Find the Perfect Product to Promote

Written by: Beau Blackwell, Director of Education
One of the great things about being an affiliate for ClickBank is having a huge variety of products to promote. However, trying to dig through the ClickBank Marketplace to find the perfect product to promote to your audience can be a little overwhelming. This leads many people to just pick the best-selling products in their chosen category, rather than digging deeper to find products that will generate the most profit.
In this article, I’ll share 4 simple ways you can start getting more from the Marketplace with just a little bit of extra effort. Proper research before promoting a product is often the difference between success and failure, so try out these techniques to get your promotions off on the right foot!

1. Use Advanced Search and Filters to find products that fit your needs

Most affiliates just browse Marketplace categories or use our basic search functionality to find products, but this really limits your ability to find “hidden gem” products that are a perfect fit for your audience and that meet your specific needs as an affiliate. By using our Advanced Search function, you can get much more specific in your search and weed out products that aren’t a good fit. For example, here are some ways you can use Advanced Search to improve your results:
  • Exclude keywords from the search that don’t make sense for your niche or audience
  • Search for keywords only within a particular category
  • Look for high $/sale products (this is especially important if you’re doing paid affiliate advertising)
  • Find vendors that include a PitchPlus upsell or recurring commissions
  • Look for products in different languages
  • Find new vendors to promote by setting the Activation Date to a recent date
  • Look for vendors with an Affiliate Tools page (more on that later)
The Filters that we’ve added on the left side of the Marketplace can perform some of these same functions, so be sure to use them! By narrowing down the options you can find great products to promote that will give you the best return on your efforts.

2. Use Marketplace Stats to determine customer lifetime value

While it’s nice to get a big commission up front when making a sale, think about the longer term value of a customer as well. Many vendors offer recurring commissions, and if they have a good customer retention rate, you can earn significantly more over the life of a customer than you would with only a single sale.
The easiest way to find these kinds of products is to filter by Billing Type: Recurring, or to look for products with a high Avg Rebill Total, which indicates how much an affiliate earns (on average) after the initial sale of that vendor’s products. It’s not a guaranteed amount, but it’s a good sign that you can continue earning more after that first sale. Our Avg $/sale stat does include the initial and recurring amounts an affiliate will earn from that vendor (on average), so you can look at that as well to get a good sense of the overall value of promoting that vendor.

3. Look for vendors with a Vendor Spotlight or Affiliate Tools page

As an affiliate, you’ve got a lot of work to do creating your promotions and reaching potential customers. Make your life a little easier by using vendor-created resources for your promotions, such as banner ad images, keyword target lists, email “swipe” copy, free reports to give away, and more. It’s less work for you and can make pre-selling to customers easier as well.
Many vendors provide an Affiliate Tools page with these kinds of resources already made for you, or in some cases will create custom tools if you need them. As I mentioned above, you can use Advanced Search or Filters to find vendors with these pages. It can be one of the easiest ways to get promotions up and running quickly and effectively!

4. Reach out to vendors directly

always recommend to affiliates that they should review and truly believe in any product they promote. Otherwise you stand to lose trust from your audience or even potentially get in legal hot water if you’re making improper claims about a product you’re promoting. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income has written some great blog posts on this topic—I highly recommend checking them out.
For this reason, it’s a good idea for you to reach out to the vendor directly to try to get a review copy of the product, or to buy the product directly if the vendor doesn’t provide review copies. Buying the product can also be useful since it lets you test out the vendor’s purchase process and customer support, and lets you feel comfortable recommending that product to your audience. Sending visitors to a vendor who doesn’t reply to email or provide a good buying experience is the quickest way to lose face with your visitors and keep them from buying through your links in the future.
Reaching out to vendors is also a good idea because they may be willing to offer extra benefits or perks such as sales bonuses, customized affiliate links, custom landing pages, or any number of other benefits. You’ll never know if you don’t try! The worst that can happen is they don’t respond, in which case it can be a signal that you may not want to promote their products anyway.
Give these four tips a go when searching for your next promotion. I’m confident they’ll make your life as an affiliate easier and more successful.
Leave a comment below with your #1 challenge in finding products to promote—we want to know!

How to Use Fan Reviews to Monetize Facebook

Written by: Guest Author, Nick Unsworth
If you’re sick and tired of all of the Facebook marketing hype and you just want to know real straight shooting tips that actually produce results then I suggest you buckle your seat belt and get your notepad.
I’ve spent the past 3 years testing these 5 simple proven strategies on over 120 client accounts in addition to hundreds of business owners and internet marketers that I have taken through my coaching programs. The bottom line is that these strategies will help you to monetize your time and energy spent on Facebook once and for all (thank God!).

Fan Review

In your mind, what is the most powerful form of marketing? Most marketers and research firms would agree that old trusty word of mouth marketing is hands down the most powerful form of marketing that exists.
Why? The answer is simple…consumers don’t care about what your ad says…they care about what their friends think.
Have you ever eaten a delicious and juicy steak at a restaurant and told friends about it? Word of mouth marketing is the backbone of a good business.
So what’s the problem?
Even if you had the best steak of your life at the restaurant, that information is bottled up in your head until you share the story with friends and family. The problem is that we are so busy these days that if you don’t share that story about the delicious steak within a couple days we have a tendency to forget about it. In addition, how often do you see everyone that you know so that you can share the story of your delectable steak? You probably don’t see 90% of your network face to face at all! That means that the steakhouse misses out on all of that business because they don’t have an efficient way to track and share these types of testimonials.
The solution you ask?
The Fan Reviews Strategy is single handedly the most effective strategy that I have employed on Facebook because it creates viral word of mouth marketing that drives trusted referrals and revenues back to the business.
The kicker is that the leads that come back to the business are of a much higher quality because trust is built in. If you had the best steak of your life and you told me about it, I’m going to go there with an empty stomach and positive attitude. If I saw a billboard or PPC ad for a steakhouse there’s not trust associated with it… it’s cold traffic.
I’ve proven in multiple industries that this is the simplest and most effective marketing tool on Facebook and creates a tangible flow of high quality leads for your business. The best part is that it doesn’t much time, content creation, or marketing dollars.

The Fan Reviews Strategy

Step 1:  Add a Facebook Fan Reviews application to your FB business page
  • You can either search on FB for a free “Review App” or use the Fan Reviews application that I built. Both would work but mine’s cooler :) .

Step 2:  Sell something
  • Every business should have customers so once you sell something and that is accomplished move on to step 3.
Step 3:  Ask for a Fan Review
  • Many businesses were raised by asking for referrals after a customer has purchased and that has been the lifeblood behind the vast majority of small businesses. In this case, it’s the exact same behavior except we make it 10x easier. Instead, of putting the customer on the spot and asking who they know that could also use your products or services you simple say something like this:
  • “Mr. customer, thank you so much for your business. As you know I rely on word of mouth marketing and referrals to grow my business. If you enjoyed working with me as much as I have with you then it would be very helpful if you could share your experience in a one or two sentence review.”
  • Tip: If you can educate your customer about how to write an effective review that will help to create even higher quality referrals. Ask them to write a review that shares their tangible results.
  • Example: You’re an insurance agent and you saved your customer $350 per year. If you ask your customer to share the cost savings in the review it will be more powerful than a general “he’s a great guy” type of review.
  • Tip: Automate this process by using an email autoresponder that asks your customer for a review after they purchase.
  • Fan Reviews go viral. What if you get one review and it reaches ALL of that person’s friends and family members on Facebook? Imagine how powerful that becomes. Your customer’s review can reach hundreds of their friends with the push of a button.

Step 4:  Share Your Fan Reviews with your prospects
  • We have found that some of the best types of status updates on a FB fan page are when you are sharing successes and milestones with your fans. Take your favorite fan reviews and share them with your fans, prospects, and network. When they consistently see that other consumers have great things to say about you it will lead to a perception that you are good at what you do and encourage them to become a customer as well.
  • Take a screen capture and send out the photo as a status update from your FB page by uploading the photo. Tip: the Fan Reviews app automatically does this for you.

Step 5:  Showcase Your Favorite Reviews to Increase Conversions
  • What do Google Reviews, Yelp, and Amazon have in common? They all use reviews to help consumers make decisions about whether to buy a product or service. The social proof of reviews is a powerful tool and you should also use it to your advantage.
  • Take your best reviews and showcase them on your website or on your shopping cart so that you can increase your conversion percentage.

The Ninja Fan Reviews Contest Strategy

Step 1:  Review the Facebook Promotion Guidelines
  • You don’t want to get on FB’s bad side…have a quick read of their promotional guidelines
Step 2:  Choose Your Contest Behaviors
  • What are your goals for your contest? You want to align the contest behaviors to match what the outcome is that you are looking for
  • Example:

Step 3:  Choose Prize(s)
  • iPads and Kindle Fires have been proven to work extremely well in almost any industry
  • Free solution: Give away your products, services, or time as the contest prize to save money
Step 4:  Create a FB Landing Page
  • Put a video at the top sharing the details of the contest. When you add video it helps you to build trust with your audience. When people ask me “How to do I convert fans to customers” I always say that it is accomplished by building trust and then following up. Videos build trust quickly.
  • Add your contest behaviors
  • Showcase the prize
  • Couple free resources to build a landing page: and
Step 5:  Market Your Contest to Your Network
  • Get the word out to your network about your contest with as many forms of marketing that you use. Email, direct mail, FB ads, status updates, tweets, email signature, and signage at your location if applicable.
Step 6:  Pick a Winner Publicly
  • Once the contest has ended tally up the entries and go ahead and pick a winner.  I highly recommend that you choose a winner publicly.  I have clients that pull the winner out of a hat and upload the video to FB.  Again, this comes back to building up rapport online.
  • When the person receives your prize be sure to have them upload a photo to FB because it creates the social poof that someone actually won.
  • Tip:  We have found that contests are accretive in nature.  Meaning that they snowball in effectiveness when you do more than one.  The logical reason is that consumers may be skeptical at first and then as they see you picking a winner they will be more likely to enter in the second contest.
The proof is in the pudding
  • We executed the above contest strategy with Jason Cass of JDC Insurance. He is a solopreneur out in Centralia IL.  He asked for FB reviews, LinkedIn Recommendations, and video testimonials and here’s what happened…
  • 19 total referrals
  • 12 new insurance clients
  • Averaged 3.4 insurance policies per new client VS. the industry avg of 1.2 policies per new client
  • The takeaway is that this strategy not only worked in a challenging industry to market like insurance but it created very high quality business. The fundamental reason is because when someone refers a friend or family member they are a warm lead as opposed to cold traffic. That means that trust is already established and they are much less price sensitive and overall they are more enjoyable to work with.
What now?
Do what every successful entrepreneur does…take action immediately. Your income is in a direct relationship with the speed at which you implement new strategies that you learn. Once you implement the strategy be sure to keep Don and I posted about your results. There’s nothing that makes us happier than hearing about fellow success stories.
To your online success,

Nick Unsworth

About the Author
Nick Unsworth is a Social Media Pro, speaker, and author who teaches entrepreneurs, small business owners, and service professionals how to build a tribe of raving fans, followers, and customers that will grow their brand and bottom line. Notable clients include Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Dean Graziosi, Choice Point, Entrepreneurial Advantage, McCue Mortgage, and hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Nick’s company, Smash it is a boutique digital media consulting firm that focuses on ROI based social media marketing.

ClickBank Insider Radio Episode 12: The Inside Scoop on ClickBank Exchange

ClickBank Insider RadioIn a little less than a month, we’re hosting our second annual ClickBank Exchange, the conference where ClickBank clients come together to learn from the best in the business about how to succeed in information marketing!
In this episode of ClickBank Insider Radio, Molly and I give you the inside scoop on Exchange- who it’s for, what the speakers will be teaching, why the networking opportunities are a great way to build your business, and much more. This is a great episode to check out if you’ve been on the fence about whether Exchange is right for you.
We also share how you can get a big discount on the ticket price, and how to secure a big discount on the hotel as well! Please let us know in the comments if you have more questions about Exchange that we didn’t cover in the show.
More about ClickBank Exchange:
Other ways to listen:
If you’re enjoying the show, please leave us a review on iTunes! Please also leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of the show, future guests you’d like us to interview, or topics you’d like us to cover! We love to hear your feedback.

Last Day to Win the Exchange Scholarship Contest!

ClickBank Exchange 2012We’re giving you a chance to win a free pass to the ClickBank Exchange, but submissions close at midnight tonight!
Simply tell us how you’re using ClickBank today and why attending Exchange will help you take your business to the next level, and you could win a full ride scholarship to the event. Head to learn all the details and discover how simple it is to apply.
At the ClickBank Exchange you’ll hear from inspiring speakers and learn valuable secrets for creating killer products, tricks for boosting traffic and conversion, copywriting tips and much, much more! (And don’t forget the networking opportunities and ClickBank’s legendary cocktail party!)
Here’s how the scholarship program makes the ClickBank Exchange event even sweeter:
  • The top 3 applicants receive a full scholarship with 100% of the ClickBank Exchange registration fees waived ($797 value)!
  • For those with great applications who don’t make the top 3, we’re offering up to 20 partial scholarships – a $400 (over 50%!) discount on the registration fees.
  • ACT FAST! We’re only accepting applications through midnight on July 12, 2012. Get your application in now and do not miss this opportunity!
  • Winners will be notified by this Friday, July 13th so you can book your travel AND get one of the killer room discounts we have at the Marriott Marquis hotel.

Tech Tuesday: The Clickdesk, a Simple Support System for ClickBank Vendors

The ClickdeskProviding exceptional customer support is one of the most important parts of running a successful infopreneurial business, but it can also be one of the most frustrating challenges. It’s time consuming, requires attention to detail and followup, and has the potential to spiral out of control if you don’t have a good tool or system in place to manage customer requests.
That’s why Jacob Hiller, a long-time ClickBank Premier vendor, built The Clickdesk. It makes managing your ClickBank customer support quicker and easier than ever before, and gives your customers the high touch support they expect. This leads to more trust, happier customers, and in the end more repeat buyers and product evangelists for you! It also keeps your refunds and chargebacks low, which is key to running a successful business on ClickBank.
Jacob has put together a couple of videos showing how Clickdesk can help you and your business:
Introduction to The Clickdesk

Here are some of the ways The Clickdesk makes your life easier and your customers happier:

  • Reply to multiple similar tickets / request at one time.
  • Show customers the answer before they send the ticket.
  • Allow replies by email for customers or for your agents.
  • See ClickBank order history inside the support system.
  • Search transactions inside the system.
  • Know what customers have purchased, refunded, or how long they have been subscribed.
  • Refund or cancel transactions with one click inside the system.
  • ClickBank tickets are automatically synced inside of the system.
  • Look professional and polished.
  • Ipad, iphone, and android apps to run your customer service.
  • Easily oversee your agents and make sure tickets are appropriately and quickly responded to.

The Clickdesk combines the ease of use of Zendesk with the power of the Clickbank API system to create a seamless and streamlined system for ClickBank vendors.

Here is how it integrates and how you can get set up
Jacob loves getting feedback on the system and welcomes any questions or suggestions you have for what you’d like to see in The Clickdesk. You can contact him directly at jacob (at)
If you’re interested in The Clickdesk, you can find more information or get set up here:

Jacob is currently offering a special deal for Tech Tuesday readers! When you sign up, just mention Tech Tuesday and his team will set the entire system up for you.

If you’re interested in being an affiliate, please contact Jacob directly at jacob (at) or post in the comments below so he can get you set up. The Clickdesk is currently a white label affiliate program, so you’ll need to be approved to start promoting.

One Way to Heat up Your Business This Summer

Summer is here, and while the weather is certainly heating up, how is your business doing? While many entrepreneurs find it’s easy to neglect their businesses during the warmer months as they opt for more time outside and the necessary summer vacations, don’t make the mistake of letting summer wrap up without having a clear plan for moving your business forward for the rest of the year.
The biggest and smartest move you can make for your business this season is to come up with a plan for how to grow it. I’m not talking about the “someday I’m going to do this” plan that just lives in your head. I’m talking about a real, actionable, implementable strategy to take your earnings to the next level.
In just 7 WEEKS from today, on August 10th and 11th in New York City, ClickBank will be hosting its 2nd annual ClickBank Exchange. This event is an opportunity unlike any other to learn from the industry’s most successful entrepreneurs and marketing experts how to build up your red hot info product empire.
Reasons you should register NOW:
  • Develop your business strategy. Learn cutting edge tips and techniques during informational sessions led by the industry’s brightest entrepreneurs, marketers, and experts including: Robert Cialdini, Brendon Burchard, Joe Polish, Chris Farrell, Ryan Lee, Mike Hill, Chris Haddad and more . . .
  • Expand your business. Shake up the status quo by implementing traffic generation, copywriting, list building, conversion, new business model tips and more that you will discover at the Exchange.
  • Have fun and build relationships. Attend ClickBank’s legendary VIP cocktail part yand rub elbows with influential experts who can spark new ways to grow your business.
  • Invest wisely. For other events featuring a lineup of speakers this good, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars. Not the case at ClickBank Exchange.
  • Get serious and take action. You’re not going to get your business to the next level by sitting around and doing the same old things you’ve been doing in the past. ClickBank Exchange will help you shake things up and inspire new ideas.
As if that’s not enough to get you to the Exchange, book now and take advantage of:
  • Deeply discounted Hotel Rooms for Exchange Nearly Gone! GET YOURS
  • $100 off the full price of $797 using the code “HURRY100“!
Chances are, if you’re like most entrepreneurs you’re leaving money on the table. A lot of money. Come to the ClickBank Exchange and discover the potential of your business from others who have been in your shoes.

ClickBank Insider Radio Episode 11: Kevin Rogers on Copywriting

ClickBank Insider RadioIn this fantastic episode of ClickBank Insider Radio, Molly and I interview Kevin Rogers, one of the top copywriters in the infoproduct business. You’ll hear how Kevin went from being a dead broke stand up comedian to writing the sales letters for some of the biggest products in ClickBank’s history!
Copywriting is one of the most critical skills needed to be successful as an infopreneur, but can also be one of the scariest and most challenging to learn. Kevin helps take the mystery and angst out of copywriting, and shows you how to quickly develop your “hook” and get your copy written in a snap! If you’ve struggled with writing copy or figuring out what makes your product, blog or personal brand unique, this is the episode for you.
In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • How to properly incorporate humor into your copy
  • The power of a copywriting formula, and how it can make your life easier
  • Kevin’s killer KLT (Know, Like, Trust) formula, the simplest way to introduce yourself to an audience
  • Several examples of exactly how to put the KLT formula into action, no matter what your niche
  • Kevin’s views on text vs video sales letters, and when to use each
  • The huge importance of testing your product or campaign
Kevin normally commands five figures or more per copywriting project, but you get his amazing advice for free! Don’t miss out on this episode.
More from Kevin:
  • Keep Ken Strong – Mentioned in the show, this is a course on video sales letters featuring Kevin and many other top copywriters. It’s a steal at only $27, and the money goes to a great cause!
  • The Conversion Kings – Kevin’s blog with his copywriting partner Ben Johnson. Lots of great tips and thoughts from Kevin and Ben.
Other ways to listen:
If you’re enjoying the show, please leave us a review on iTunes! Please also leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of the show, future guests you’d like us to interview, or topics you’d like us to cover! We love to hear your feedback.

What “They” Never Told You About Traffic

Ryan LeeWritten by: Ryan Lee, Guest Author
Oh traffic, my friend.
You are vital to any online business – but yet, you are so elusive.
Do you want to know the REAL secret to driving traffic? Something that has personally worked for my business over the past 13 years, and still works today?
It comes down to one word… CONSISTENCY.
I have good news. Driving traffic to your site is actually very simple – but it might not always be “easy.” And by easy, I mean you don’t just “click a button” and millions of people flood your site. I’m sorry, but that’s just not reality.
Traffic does take a bit of effort – but the effort pays off. Big time.
Here are a few simple steps you can take to build a consistent, reliable stream of traffic.
  • Update Your Blog: Google loves blogs with fresh content. So stop being lazy and commit to update your blog at least 2-3 times a week. It can be as simple as a YouTube video you pasted with a couple of lines of commentary.
  • Think Syndication: There are hundreds of sites with high PR ranks of 4-9 that are desperate for YOUR content. Sites like eHow and Instructables are just a few. Get out there and get in front of more people.
  • Be Prolific: Find out where your target market goes – and get in front of them. It might be a Facebook group, an Association discussion forum or even a Ning community site. Answer questions, write articles, speak at their events and contribute to the community.
  • Be Networked: Reach out to the influential people in your industry. And offer to help them (do NOT just pitch your products and commissions!). Think long-term relationships and keep in touch. Always.
  • Create a Ritual: For me, it’s setting a goal for my daily “marketing tasks” and doing that in the morning from Starbucks (that’s why I created the tool in my author box below). Find a place you enjoy working from. And build it into your day.
Stop looking for the magic bullet or “loophole”- it’s an illusion.
Be consistent. Deliver outstanding products & services. Create no-brainer offers. And turn your “customers” into raving fans who, in turn, spread the word and become your new source for traffic.
It all starts with… consistent baby steps. Now get out there and take that first step!
About the Author
Ryan Lee is a highly respected marketer with a business that spans multiple categories. He has famously gone from working as a gym teacher in the roughest area of the South Bronx to an entrepreneur whose business empire now generates over 7-figures per month. Ryan’s new program, Traffic Organizer, has revolutionized and simplified the way entrepreneurs run traffic campaigns.

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